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18 August 2008 @ 07:17 am
So I am the co-mod, per say. Most are here due to my obnoxious ads in many Miyavi related comms...

So... HI!

Anyways, my main job here is to maintain the archives for your use. You may notice this archive links just a little below the community icon, easy enough to find I hope.
Almost all posts are archived, so please be aware of this. Fanfiction, graphics, downloads, etc. It makes sure that you don't have to search through posts for a particular download or icon you saw three weeks ago that you knew you had to save but your brother was driving you up the wall about your internet time being over and thus you didn't. <3

Um, yeah...

So please enjoy everything we have to offer and if ever you should find problems in my archive post like the links aren't working or the codes are showing... please let me know. It's highly embarrassing to me, but it is best to be fixed as quick as possible.

And because I am redundant and such, I offer you another place to find all the archive links.

Articles - Downloads - Fanfiction -Fanworks - Graphics - Lyrics - Scans

Please note all links go to locked entries.
17 August 2008 @ 11:19 pm

Wow, so we just got a ton more members today alone. XD I think I'm a little past-due for a formal welcome message, but this community was all tiny when I started it so I didn't think it would be required.
Then thin_lipid started advertising and here we are!

This community is host to pretty much everything Due'le quartz-related. We have lovely archives listed on our menu to the left--don't worry about scanning through posts; archives are updated daily and link to all pertinent posts here! You DO have to be a member to see anything that pops up here, though.
While there are currently three of us--three of the original members--doing the vast majority of posting here, we encourage and appreciate contributions. Fanwork (such as fan fiction and graphics) are greatly loved, especially by me, since it's so damn hard to find. 

Just be sure to check the rules on the community profile before posting to avoid any problems!

A few months down the road I hope this community can be the most comprehensive Due'le quartz resource on the internet.

A little bit about me (so you know you can trust what you get here)--I am anal about so much stuff (but I'm nice, I promise!). Everything here stays ORGANIZED and ACCURATE to gurantee that all of the material that pops up here is far from rumor-inducing or misleading. Over the years I've become a wealth of information when it comes to Due'le quartz, but I still won't post anything that I don't know 100% is legitimate. Likewise, if I see questionable content posted, it'll only be allowed ot stay if reasonable evidence can back it up. (i.e., I don't want people posting anything like "Miyabi hated KAZUKI" or "Sakito has Kikasa's babies" or anything like that. XD) This community centers around being informational and reliable, so you can trust what you see here.

All that said! Welcome! Don't be afraid to introduce yourself, tell us a little something, share your fan works, scans, whatever!
Be social! Have fun! And enjoy what we have to offer you. :D


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13 August 2008 @ 01:32 pm
Miyabi [Due'le quartz] - 18
Kiyoharu - 28
Miyavi - 13
Vell [【_Vani;lla】] - 33


More here @ usedxhime
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